Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week 25

Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 25 in my pregnancy. Everything is looking good, the babies have strong heartbeats, my cervix is high and closed, weight gain is on track and the babies are actually measuring one week ahead. The nurse told me that it wasn't enough to change my due date and I almost laughed, I know my due date isn't going to change. I know when these babies were conceived down to the hour.

My prenatal care is being co-managed by my OB and a perinatalogist and I now have weekly appointments at the perinatal clinic to watch how the pregnancy advances. I haven't had any bleeding since Halloween which is good but I have this underlying fear from that experience that hasn't left. Having weekly appointments where I get to hear the heartbeats is going to be good for me.

I am taking calcium supplements and need to start iron and protein supplements to avoid anemia they say. I tried for one day to adjust ,my diet to get the amount of protein and calcium required for a multiple pregnancy. I almost made myself sick, so supplements and a well balanced diet it is.

Three of my sister-in-laws are currently pregnant. One of them hates when the baby moves because it is uncomfortable, I cannot understand this sentiment. Feeling the babies move is reassurance that they are still there and kickin'. When I was a nanny the woman I nannied for was pregnant with her third child. When she went in for her 20 week ultrasound the baby had died and she told me that she should have known something was wrong because she hadn't felt it move for a day or two. I have wondered if her experience has colored my feelings about feeling the baby move. I feel like having these babies is such a miracle and getting the reassurance they are still moving is worth any discomfort it might bring.

On a closing note, we now know that we are having a boy and girl, and we are thrilled. People keep asking me if they are identical (asking this AFTER I have told them they are different genders). I must be missing something because I was always pretty sure, and still am confident that twins have to be the same gender to be identical...