My brand of infertility

I met my husband when I was 19, we got married a year and half later.  4 years into our marriage we decided we were ready to have a baby.  At 24 and 26 we expected it to be a walk in the park.  Neither of our families had a history of infertility, and we were young, healthy and active. 

After 9 months of trying I decided to consult a doctor.  The OB/GYN was not overly concerned, I had regular periods and I was 24.  I persisted and she referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist.  Again, they were not concerned but they did some basic blood tests.  The blood tests revealed that I have an elevated Follicle Stimulating Hormone level of 11.  Diminished Ovarian Reserve was the diagnosis.  After 7 months on clomid and injections I was still not pregnant.  I flew to St. Louis to a reputed RE who evaluated my Antral-Follicle count (which at a 7 with a slight possibility of rising to a 10) and confirmed the diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve (also known as primary ovarian insufficiency) and added a prediction of premature ovarian failure around age 35 for me.

After flying to San Francisco to see yet another doctor and have more tests done it was discovered that my AMH, which is the best predictor of ovarian reserve is .2, as in almost gone.

Soon after the AMH test I moved to Texas where at 26 I started my first round of IVF, which produced 3 eggs, only two of which were viable.  Fortunately, both eggs fertilized and took and now we have one year old twins, a boy and a girl.

Now two years after my first round of IVF and rounding up on my 29th birthday I am starting to consider jumping back into the wagon to try and beat my ticking clock.

This blog is a diary of my experience with infertility and the ever looming menopause and the emotions that accompany this journey.