Friday, March 8, 2013

"Are your twins natural?"  It's the new "are you pregnant".  You know, that question that you should never ask.  I don't think people realize what exactly they are asking.  One of these days I am going to answer using the words, follicles, reproductive, menopause, eggs, sperm.  All the words I can think of that make everyday people uncomfortable and look at the point over your shoulder.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday night thoughts

I have been thinking about infertility today.  First, I was going through my blog roll and so happy to see how in the last two years how many of you have had your dreams come true.  I am so happy for you all and my heart is still hopeful for the rest who are still waiting.  I was reading one blog tonight and I had the thought, isn't it interesting how hyper aware we are of our bodies and the journey our babies had to existence?  I have  pictures of my babies before they were even implanted, I have a picture of them being implanted.  Do women who get pregnant without help even think about how this process happens?  I wonder.

I intend to put all these pictures in a book someday.  And perhaps even print out this blog as a kind of journal so my children understand just how much we anticipated them and the journey to get them.  Is that weird?  How do you explain to your children the emotions that surrounded getting pregnant and how much work went into it?  Do you?  I don't really know if that is over sharing or not.

I have had so much anxiety over how much time I have left to have children.  Somehow it was slightly alleviated this week.  It has been nice not to feel as much stress over it.  Although I did still stress out about whether my period was as long as it usually is and wondering if that means I am getting that much closer to menopause.  Menopause.  Bleh.  I had a talk with my doctor about what kind of treatments we will have to do when it comes.  Hormone replacement therapy.  I don't even really know what that means.