Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the young and infertile

I am a member of the RESOLVE online support groups. I gather that many women under 30 feel separate not only from their more fertile peers but often the other women in the infertile community. I often see posts asking if there is anyone else in their 20's going through this. For many of us in our 20's infertility is a slap in the face, this is supposed to be my most fertile time of life. And then when one finds they have to realign their expectations many start looking for books or websites of women who have had similar experiences.

There are books and websites, the problem is that most of these infertility books and websites virtually ignore women in their 20's. Sure, many of the feelings and experiences will be similar to those of women in their late 30's and 40's but many of our emotions and experiences will be different as well. Where is the support system for the women in their peak fertile years?

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