Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 1 or 3, however you choose to look at it.

Today is my sixth anniversary. It is also the day I start my stimulants. Kind of ironic don't you think?

I am already getting bruises on my stomach and am now considering whether my thighs or love handles will make better alternatives to my stomach. Suggestions?

I had my first emotional melt down today. We were hanging pictures and my husband didn't want me to put a close up of him up on the wall. I broke down. Irrational? Yes. Welcome back hormones.

Now on to the steroids. They told me to take them right before I go to bed because steroids keep you up. Does that make sense to any one else?

I am a little worried about the side affects, I don't really know what to expect. My best friend told me about her friend who was doing IVF who was dizzy, nauseous etc., etc.

I was reading on Yahoo about young mothers which led me to a blog written by a 22 year old mother. One of the posts was about why she is grateful for her surprise pregnancy. I often wonder if I had tried to get pregnant before 24 (sounds weird right?) if that would have made any difference in my ability to have a baby. Pointless pondering. For now I remain cautiously optimistic about IVF.


  1. For the tummy shots, my nurse told me to stretch the skin before sticking instead of pinching some skin. Maybe that will help eliminate some of the bruising. I had very little.

    As for my IVF was emotional and occasionally uncomfortable, but I felt decent. I think you will too.

    God luck!

  2. Wishing you lots of luck!! The emotional craziness of all of this is so tough to handle. As are the physical reminders.