Monday, February 28, 2011


I had an anxiety attack last night. It was a first for me, something that my pre-infertile self had never even imagined. While on fertility treatments I had a fairly constant level of anxiety but it never developed into a real attack. My husband and I are preparing to start IVF in the next six months and were talking about whether or not I will be going back to work when we move. I was trying to explain to him just how hard working and fertility treatments had been on my mental health and all the tightness in my chest came rushing back.

I don't know what the correct path is, to work and pursue fertility treatments or to focus only on fertility treatments. Both have considerable drawbacks my concern is that I have tried working with fertility treatments and it did significant damage to my overall health. I need to try and eliminate as much anxiety as I can, I need to try focusing only on fertility treatments. That is the answer for me right now. In 6 months I may discover that it is not the best option but for now I feel it is one I need to try.

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